Grassmere Paddles prides itself on making quality paddles with only the finest local timber. All paddles are single piece and handmade in our shop in Bracebridge, Muskoka. Paddles can be custom made-to-order at any length.

Each paddle is finished with a coat of Linseed Oil and multiple coats of spar varnish.  This gives them a finish unlike any other.

Unfinished blanks are also available. Paddles are cut and molded and ready for hand sanding and finishing. Great for groups looking to add their own personal touch to their paddles.


There are four different designs to choose from:


We carefully consider what type of wood we want to use when making our paddles. We carefully inspect and select each piece, for each paddle.

We use two types of wood, Ash and Cherry.

Ash is known for its resilience, durability, and strength in rough conditions – making it a great choice for canoe trippers.

Cherry is known for it’s durability and strength to weight ratio, making it a popular choice for wood paddles – whatever your use.


Founded in 1942 by the Ballantine family, Grassmere Boat Works (as it was originally known) was operated by Kenneth Ballantine, a Canadian soldier who served during World War II (his father Francis ran the company during his son’s absence overseas). The name came from the small Hamlet in which it was founded: Grassmere, located just north of Huntsville in Muskoka. The Ballantines were among the first settlers in Grassmere in the 1870s and soon became the backbone of the community. Among their legacies are the local post office, which was opened and run by the family for generations, as well as the local Grist Mill on the creek that now bares the family’s name.

Following Kenneth’s death in 1976, the company was purchased by Dave Mahon, a teacher from Bracebridge. He ran it part-time until his retirement in 1992, when he and his wife Heather took up the business full-time. In 1980 when Don Starkwell and his two sons departed in a canoe from Winnipeg en route to the Amazon River, they took Grassmere Paddles with them. The adventurous canoeists completed one of the longest trips on record (approximately 12,200 miles), and arrived home with the paddles still intact.

The current incarnation of Grassmere Paddles came about in 2011, when master boat-builder Peter Stanfield of Bracebridge bought the company. With over 30 years of experience building and restoring antique wooden Muskoka Boats, Peter is ready to deliver the quality craftsmanship for which Grassmere has been known for nearly 70 years

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